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Orwellian language in Washington

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Karen De Coster has a rather overreaching headline for this blog post, “America is a Fascist, Totalitarian State,” but she makes some good points.

“The national service bill, says Obama, will “remake the nation.” I noted this statement from the article: “Obama on Tuesday also nominated Nike Inc. vice president Maria Eitel to lead the federal agency that oversees the country’s national service programs.” Imagine that. From a Nike VP to a government central planner. Eitel’s title will be ‘CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.’ How can you be a CEO of a government program that takes in no revenues, but only steals from citizens? How can a government entity be a “corporation?” Of course, it can’t. This is the abuse of language and definition that occurs under a propagandizing, totalitarian state that wishes to disguise its tyranny ‘neath the cover of red roses and picket fences. Government agencies are now graced with private business labels and its head agents are given private sector titles. This is yet another example of the merger of state and corporate powers that Gerald Celente has written about.”

Written by jacksontom

April 24, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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