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John C. Wright: Where’s my Prometheus?

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Science fiction author John C. Wright has noted that he failed to win the Prometheus Hall of Fame award for his novel, THE GOLDEN AGE. (J.R.R.  Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” won instead.)

He writes, “Funny that a tale of mystical Norse-medieval sentiment would win out over an openly pro-Libertarian morality play about individual effort. Gee, I even had a scene where one character lectures another on Ricardo’s principle of comparative advantage, and in the appendix  I mention the drawbacks of allowing a central bank to interfere with the credit market. Whether it is good or bad storytelling to mention Ricardo in an SFF book, I would have thought this was the sort of thing pro-free-market readers would rejoice to read.

“Ah well, maybe artistic merit counts for more than partisan ideological purity after all. So I dare not complain.”

Despite THE GOLDEN AGE’s heavy libertarian content and good reviews, it did not get a Prometheus Award nomination when it was first published in 2002.  Perhaps this has something to do with Mr. Wright’s sense of grievance.

Mr.  Wright also seems to be making it clear that lately at least, he considers himself a conservative rather than a libertarian. A recent post on the war on drugs (he’s for it) is entitled, “Why I am not a Libertarian.”


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July 13, 2009 at 11:21 pm

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